THE EVENT: 1000 SONGS IN 1000 DAYS and...


The first of 1000 songs to be recorded every day for 1000 days was recorded in HSI Studios.

The last of 1000 songs in this special challenge will be recorded. This coincides with the launch of the year EXPO2020.



On 28th March 2016, Swapna was overwhelmed by a sudden sense of wanting to give up and retire from music having been at it for 24 years. She had performed the globe over, published 20 odd albums, impressed upon thousands of people with the ‘gift’ of music; but at that point felt that it was all futile having left her unfulfilled. In that state, she did the strangest of things—she wrote another song “Be Strong”. The following day, she woke up with the idea of writing 1000 songs in 1000 days, in real terms, a song a day.

She later remembered the story of Scheherazade, the lady of Arabian Nights fame, who changed the heart of the angry king with 1001 tales told over as many days. That evening, after Swapna got home from work, she sat down again and wrote “Crossing Over.”  The following evening she wrote “Blest & Broken” in a similar fashion. By then she was convinced that she could do this for 1000 days, and resolved to do so. And thus was conceived the extremely ambitious, but very possible, challenge to record 1000 Songs in 1000 Days!


A rough cut of the song Crossing Over recorded in one take on a USB stick attached to the keyboard immediately after composing it. The entire exercise from composition to recording took less than an hour. Tracks in the 1000 Songs in 1000 Days project, will be more professional in production.


What conceptually started with a song a day for 1000 days was changed in principle three days before launch seeing as the envisioned challenge was already being done by a forerunner and for well over 1000 days. It was decided therefore to do two songs a day for 1000 days with the second song being for children.


The force of habit makes anything imagined to be difficult relatively easy over time. Thus the subsequent decision to do three songs a day for 100 days, seven songs a day for forty days, and twenty one songs in a single day.

Here is the Bibliography on the entire challenge from 8th April, 2017 to 2nd January, 2020:-


2 Songs A Day for 1000 Days, with the second song being for children (Day 1-1000)


  • Daily Live Composition on:- 


  • Daily Upload of Posts on:- (only the main song and not the children’s song)


3 Songs A Day for 100 Days (Day 700-799)


  • Daily Live Composition (of additional third song) on:-


  • Daily Upload of Post (of additional third song) on:-


7 Songs A Day for 40 Days (Day 950-989)


  • Daily Live Composition (of additional five songs) on:-


  • Daily Upload of Posts (of additional five songs) on:-


21 Songs In One Day (Day 999)


  • Daily Live Composition (of additional nineteen songs) on:-


  • Daily Upload of Posts (of additional nineteen songs) on:-


With respect to the above, the following record attempts have been certified as successful by the Golden Book of World Records that have clearly understood the output and methodology associated with this challenge and were able to establish a standard for what is called a song, and song production.

  •Longest quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing song incessantly (April 08, 2017 - January 02, 2020) 

  •Quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing multiple songs incessantly for 100 days (March 08, 2019 - June 15, 2019)   

  •Most songs composed, produced and published by an individual in one day (January 01, 2020)

  •Longest quotidian feat of composing, producing and publishing children's song incessantly [they do not consider the children's song as a regular song, but certainly call it children's song] (April 08, 2017 - January 02, 2020)

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