Swapna Abraham is an internationally renowned singer/songwriter who has recorded hundreds of songs in a career spanning twenty-six years. She has performed before live audiences in several countries including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Kenya, Tanzania, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and India. Her style of music stretches across the entire gamut from pop and country to folk and soul. 

In 2012 she was awarded the Maestro Award – LAMP-ICONGO Karmaveer Chakra for gospel music. Although renowned for her gospel music, she has a reputation for singing soulful secular music as well, with two new albums—'Live the Dream' and 'SwanSong'—recently released. Both these albums are available on this site. This formidable goal of creating one of the biggest world records ever in singing-songwriting is without doubt a prodigious feat, but possible for this extraordinarily blessed person.

I love music, I believe in the power of music, I consider music a great gift from God. Singing and songwriting have always been my best and favorite expression. I wish that those with this gift could bless the world with it and be blessed by it, such that they don't have to waste their time, energy and passion pursuing other and insignificant things. We will die, but our songs will live after us. - Swapna Abraham

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